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The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) is the veterinary profession’s own animal welfare charity.

AWF is run by veterinary surgeons who are concerned about a wide range of animal welfare issues and have a collective vision of all animals living healthy and contented lives free from pain and suffering.

Founded in 1983, AWF has worked tirelessly for thirty years improving animal welfare.

Why Medivet loves the AWF

The Animal Welfare Foundation plays an important role in education, helping both owners and vets like us provide the very best care for our nation of pets, from guinea pigs, ferrets, dogs and cats to goats, pigs, cows and horses to name a few.

They tackle controversial subjects and stimulate debates helping to influence animal welfare policies. From this they also help support and provide suitable education to the veterinary industry and develop evidence based pet care.

They also produce a fantastic range of helpful advice leaflets for pet owners that are available to download from their website in PDF format - Simply click on the leaflet images to be taken straight to their leaflet section.

Info leaflets

We are also proud of their work improving welfare standards and starting initiatives such as the Puppy Contract.

Set up with the RSPCA this Puppy Contract helps empower puppy owners into ensuring they are making an informed choice when buying a puppy, as well as highlighting good breeders who are devoted to dogs and their breeding, care and welfare. It can be used for any dog, pedigree or not and by any breeder or seller, including rescue centres.

How have Medivet helped?

Medivet assisted the Animal Welfare Foundation by encouraging all our practices to support AWF week and take part in various fundraising activities, such as holding their own open day, 5km Santa Run, bake sales or painted face day. 

Other members of the Medivet family also took part in their own challenges, such as a sponsored dog walk or a cycling marathon. Find out what they did and how much they raised by visiting the AWF website.  

We were delighted to raise over £2,500 for AWF to continue their work towards improving animal welfare.

Can I help the AWF?

You can help the AWF in a number of ways.

For more information about The Animal Welfare Foundation and what they do, click here.