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Our family model...

We are built on a model of 24-hour centres with satellite branches. The main centres have a very broad range of facilities from ultrasonography, laparoscopy and endoscopy to blood transfusion, MRI scanners and hip replacement facilities.

Branch practices are fully equipped to deal with day-to-day procedures, with more expensive, specialised equipment usually located at the main centres to help us deal with more complicated and intense cases. This provides huge economies of scale: the equipment gets far more use in a 24-hour centre than it would in a single branch, and the branch partners effectively pay a small rental fee for its use. In addition, the staff at the main centres become exceptionally skilled at using the specialised tools because of the frequency with which they operate the equipment.

Hub and Spoke system

This hub and spoke model is simple, but the consequences are significant. Having a large, integrated group of practices built around a series of 24-hour centres translates into outstanding standards of collaboration between colleagues and excellent care for patients. Cases can be referred internally to Medivet colleagues who, for example, can perform spinal surgery, hip replacements, andrenalectomies or MRIs. This provides patients with outstanding, seamless care, clients with the reassurance that every vet they see is working from the same set of notes and is part of the same group, and vets with learning opportunities that they would otherwise have to attend CPD courses to acquire. Of course, if cases are better served by external referral that is provided.

Our model allows our vets to hone their clinical skills, and for Medivet to support our other staff who are experts in administration, management, law and other non-clinical areas.

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