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Our Patient Charter

Here at Medivet, we aim to ensure that we give your pet not only the highest standard of veterinary care, but also the kindness and attention that you would expect if we were treating our own pets. Your pet’s physical needs and welfare are of the greatest importance to us.

Through our Patient Charter, we promise that:

  • If a pet displays signs of pain and distress, our staff will act as quickly as possible to alleviate this
  • Your pet will be hospitalised in a clean, comfortable environment and receive regular monitoring in order to keep stress levels to a minimum
  • Dogs will be provided with clean and comfortable kennels and given regular opportunities to go to the toilet
  • Cats will be provided with clean and comfortable bedding and have their litter trays changed regularly
  • Small pets and birds will be provided with food and accommodation that suit their individual requirements
  • The environment will be monitored to ensure that your pet is kept at a comfortable temperature

You are more than welcome to talk to us about any aspect of your pet’s care, no matter how small you think it may be; we are here to listen and to act.

Watch our Client Service Charter video to learn how we strive to provide the very best client care and customer service.