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We are helping shape the future of veterinary medicine

As a dedicated pet owner, every time you visit a Medivet practice you are contributing to research that will improve the long-term health of all domestic animals.

Our anonymised treatment plans and clinical notes are shared with the Royal Veterinary College to help the vets and pets of the future. This project is called VetCompass. All of the clinical notes shared have been stripped of identifying information, with just the useful clinical details remaining.

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Being part of VetCompass helps us to identify the most prevalent and problematic conditions that affect our UK pet population, and assists us in the detection and prevention of these conditions and illnesses. This means that vets of the future will be able to improve the health and welfare of all our pets and respond in an appropriate and timely fashion to their health needs.

The VetCompass project aims to:

“Establish a resource beneficial to all, providing invaluable baseline pet data for the UK for disease surveillance purposes”

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and many animal welfare organisations, including the RSPCA, the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust support the aims of the VetCompass project.

What information does VetCompass use?

The main pieces of information we share are generic facts such as your pet’s breed and age. Clinical information such as their medical history, what has happened, how it was treated and how successful the treatment was are very important in identifying common conditions and the most effective treatments. All information passed on is anonymised and confidential. Personal data is never identified at any time and all results are pooled together with hundreds of other participating UK veterinary practices to create a large resource of useful information.

If you would prefer that your pet’s notes are not shared, please just ask your local Medivet vet who will happily arrange this for you.

What happens to the results?

The results of the VetCompass studies are published in journals to help vets improve their clinical care. Study results are also reported to participating practices via lectures, meetings and the VetCompass website and newsletters. Medivet, in conjunction with VetCompass, have also used this data to produce some infographics to help explain the study findings to a wider audience.

View what has been learnt via VetCompass results. 

For more information, please visit the VetCompass website by clicking here


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