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Medivet Healthcare Plan - Complete Protection

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We would like to introduce the Medivet Healthcare Plan (MHP).

This is designed to offer both your pet and your pocket complete protection and peace of mind. The elements of the plan have been carefully designed to make sure we give your pets the most comprehensive and effective preventative treatment.

Our plan is designed to cover your pet for all preventative treatment. We’d also advise insuring them so they are covered for eventualities that you just can’t plan for.

Plus, seeing your pet every 6 months means we can fine-tune their preventative health provision to match any lifestyle changes, as well as identify any health issues that may be developing at an early stage and get their treatment started.

We’re aware that unexpected expenditure like flea treatment can really affect your budget. That’s why the plan allows for you to pay equal amounts by Direct Debit throughout the year and spread the cost. This also means that you know you’re buying everything you might need.

You’ll also get 10% off all other medications and treatment with us*, meaning we can help you with the unexpected costs as well as the routine ones. This includes operations such as neutering, as well as treatment your pet may require in consults.

And, since we’re all clearly in the festive spirit already, we’ve also introduced       multi-pet discounts for you too.

This means that when you register 3 or more pets on the MHP scheme, you get the first month free for the 3rd pet. And the 4th. And the 5th.And so on!

They don’t have to be registered at the same time, although if you do register all your pets together we will just give you the first month free for the most expensive plan.

What’s included in the scheme?

  • Annual booster vaccinations

           Dogs: Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Kennel Cough

           Cats: Feline Enteritis, Flu & Leukaemia

           Rabbits: VHD and Myxomatosis

  •     Complete Worm protection programme

An effective worming programme, tailored to the particular needs of your pet (including lungworm when required)

  •     Flea control (and tick and fox mange control when required)

Modern, safe and highly effective treatments, tailored to the needs of your pet

  •     6 monthly Vet Health checks in between annual boosters

(includes urine test)

  •     Microchipping (if needed)

We’ve always been passionate about the benefits of microchipping in helping your pet be reunited with you should they become lost. But did you know that from April 2016 it is a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped? Your pet can be ahead of the game by getting their chip now!

Who is eligible?

All cats, dogs and rabbits can join the scheme. Puppies and kittens are also eligible (you’ll be asked to provide a small supplement to cover their initial vaccination course).

Interested? Want more information? Use our online practice finder to locate your local practice and call them for a quote.

*Please note that the 10% discount does not cover food, non-prescription medication or retail products such as leads and toys. 

Posted May 13, 2015 in Preventative Healthcare

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