A Glimmer of Hope

Will and Hope

On the 8th of June 2015 “Hope”, the rhino Survivor, underwent her third procedure to repair the catastrophic damage done to her by poachers who left her for dead. Hope, the four year old white rhino, who has become the international symbol for the rhino crisis, was treated by Saving the Survivors, a team of vets dedicated to saving the victims of poaching.

Dr William Fowlds who is also the Medivet Rhino Project co-ordinator for the Wilderness Foundation, watched over Hope’s anaesthetic on this occasion and had the following to say, “Through the work that Saving the Survivors does, this rhino, Hope, is giving victims of poaching a voice which cries out to the world for our help. She is becoming a living symbol of this poaching crisis, and an inspirational example of the fight for survival against seemingly insurmountable odds. Her struggle to claim back her life and her dignity must become our fight to change human behaviour and restore value and respect and care for all living things.”

UPDATE - 10th June - Watch the CNN report on this case here


Posted June 9, 2015 in Press

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