Puppy Socialisation Classes

Socialising your puppy and helping them to become a confident, happy and well-adjusted adult is one of the most important things you can do for them. Just as humans do, dogs need early exposure to their environment so that they can successfully integrate with their surroundings and understand what ‘normal’ behaviour is.

Here at Medivet, we are dedicated to helping your puppy achieve balance and harmony with its new world. That’s why several of our branches offer a special four-week socialisation course for puppies, called puppy parties.

To find out if your local branch offers puppy parties, please use our online practice finder and give them a call.

During the classes, you and your puppy will learn about how to live a long and rewarding life together. Topics covered will include training, socialisation and healthcare.


It’s important for you to understand what your puppy needs, and the best methods to employ for managing their behaviour.

Puppies have a window of time during which they are most open to socialisation and learning. This period is from 3–16 weeks of age.

Throughout the course, you will learn about the importance of socialisation, how to handle your puppy, how to train them, and how they can explore the world around them safely.

You’ll also learn about the importance of vaccinations, medication and insurance.

Exposing your puppy to other dogs and different situations will help them to become more comfortable with the world around them and will lead to a more rewarding life together for both of you.

Posted June 17, 2015 in Pet Care Advice

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