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Every week we go around the country to speak with staff at our practices and find out more about them, news from the area and useful animal health advice. This week we spoke with Faye Lakin – Head Veterinary Nurse at Medivet Billinge.

Helping animals has always been a passion of Faye’s. One of her fondest childhood memories is watching the popular TV show Animal Hospital as a child.

Faye said, “I’d watch it then I’d get out my toy vet set and pretend to be making my Teddy bears better. I’d even get my mum and dad to hold a lampshade over the teddies so it looked like we were in an operating theatre.

 “I’ve never considered any career other than working with animals.”

Faye joined the Billinge practice in January and has worked in veterinary practices for nine and half years. She qualified as a nurse six years ago.

Faye added, “We are friendly, helpful and I think above all, sympathetic. I have many different animals and I know that when one of them is under the weather, it causes a lot of anxiety and you want answers and help quickly.

“That’s why I say to everyone who attends the practice to give us a call whenever they are concerned. We are here to help, answer questions and care for animals. No question is too trivial.”

The most common animal ailment the Billinge team deal with is ear infections, particularly in dogs. Faye’s advice to owners is to look out for excessive scratching and shaking of the head.

Dramatic Story with a Very Happy Ending

Recently, Faye and the team had a dramatic emergency involving a pregnant terrier who was having great difficulty in delivering her puppies.

Faye explained, “The bitch was experiencing a breech birth, so it was crucial that we carried out an emergency caesarean.

“We all worked quickly to minimise the risk to the bitch and her puppies. We safely delivered the first puppy, who quickly began breathing of his own accord, however the second pup needed vigorous resuscitation.

“It was pretty stressful but when the pup started breathing and became vocal, it made it all worthwhile. Once the mum was fully recovered from the anaesthetic, we put the pups onto her. Watching them suckle was beautiful. Being a veterinary nurse is so rewarding, and this is why we become nurses in the first place.”

Both mother and her offspring are now back at home safe, healthy and thriving.

Please Give Beau a Chance

Recently, Medivet Billinge was greeted by a warm, cuddly cat named Beau, who had sadly been neglected and abandoned.  Faye and the team at Medivet Billinge have been working hard to try and raise as much money as possible so Beau can have the quality of life she deserves. So far, everyone's generous donations have helped pay for her blood sample tests, biopsy tests and bandages to ensure she is comfortable but Beau still needs a helping human hand. You can make a donation here, if you would like to help her recover. Updates on Beau's ongoing treatment and improving condition can be found on the Medivet Billinge Facebook page

Congratulations to Faye and the Medivet Billinge team who have just been mentioned in a local newspaper for their efforts to help Beau.

Saving Beau Newspaper Article



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