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Here at Medivet, we are dedicated to supporting the good health of your pet throughout their entire life.

Our pet’s age can often sneak up on us. One minute they are a cute, playful, tiny bundle of fur, and the next minute they are a mature animal that has reached adulthood. While we are rushing around, carrying on with our hectic lives, our pet’s journey from young adult to middle-aged to over 8 can catch us off guard.

However, once your pet has reached the 'over 8' zone, there are a few things you need to start considering. At this age, your pet is more prone to certain diseases, particularly kidney disease in cats.

Kidney disease has very few outward signs. If your pet is suffering from it, you are unlikely to know about it until the disease has reached an advanced stage. By this time your pet is likely to be in great discomfort and as the kidneys are incapable of healing themselves, once they are damaged, they are damaged for good.

At Medivet, we understand that prevention is far better than cure. That’s why we actively promote the early diagnosis of diseases. If a disease can be detected in your pet in the early stages, then the stress and harm caused to them can be greatly reduced and their prognosis will be much brighter.

This is why every Medivet clinic offers pets over the age of 8 a FREE urine test with every vaccination consultation! The below video explains the importance of urine testing in your pet, and how it can help with the early detection of diseases:

Just as you do, we want your pet to live a long, happy and healthy life with you. Early detection of ill health and disease is a key factor in making this happen. Something as simple as a urine test can make all the difference. 

Posted July 8, 2015 in Pet Care Advice

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