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We regularly go around the country to speak with staff at our practices and find out more about them, news from the area and useful animal health advice. This week we spoke with James Champion who is the Branch Partner at Medivet Barnes, South West London.

In keeping with his Australian roots James has a relaxed, no worries approach to caring for animals at this practice in Barnes.

Originally from Adelaide James grew up around animals and his passion for helping them was inspired by regular visits to see his aunts who worked on farms.

He said: “In Australia I worked in what’s called a mixed practice where we treated all sorts of animals. We tended to see a lot of cows and horses. Here in Barnes we look after much smaller animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits.”

The Barnes branch also has a pet shop incorporated into it meaning James and his team of five staff get to meet clients a lot more often than they would usually if it was just a treatment practice. “We have great relationships with our clients and I think that’s down to our openness, friendliness and our can do attitude.”

James has been with Medivet for five years in August and has also worked in Hong Kong.

He said: “Hong Kong was an interesting experience as I got to see many different types of animals and help treat tropical diseases due to the climate there. But I would not swap London for anywhere else as it’s a great city.”

One of the biggest issues James and his team have to face on a daily basis is animal obesity as he explained: “We try to educate pet owners about the impact being overweight has on their animals. We encourage them to make sure their pets have enough exercise, eat well and don’t have too many treats. In the long run it’s in the pet’s best interests.”

The branch has also recently introduced Cat Only surgeries on Tuesdays. James added: “Half our clients own cats so we thought it was a good idea to introduce cat only surgeries as they tend to get very stressed if dogs are present in the waiting room.

“That isn’t to say we would not treat a dog or any other animal emergency on Tuesdays but it seems to be working very well at the moment.”


To book an appointment at Medivet Barnes please call 020 8748 2406.

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Posted July 10, 2015 in Press

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