Pennies Making a Difference

pennies making a difference

Medivet’s Pennies project has been running for just 6 weeks and already £10,000 has been raised to help save and protect rhinos in South Africa.

Money raised through Pennies goes towards projects which are aimed at combating cruelty to wildlife. Saving the Survivors – a charity set up to help rhinos that have been victims of poaching attacks – is one such organisation benefitting greatly from donations received.

One example of a survivor who has been saved is ‘Hope’ the rhino. Hope was found earlier this year by wildlife reserve staff with grievous injuries to her face after being tranquilized by poachers who had hacked off her horn and left her for dead. Hope had sustained some of the worst injuries that have ever been seen in this kind of attack and was very close to death. Fortunately, vets got to Hope in time and performed pioneering surgery on her face which has saved her life. Without your donations, this kind of treatment would not have been possible and Hope would have been another fatal victim of this senseless crime.

With Pennies, Medivet customers can choose to donate a few pence every time they pay their bill by debit or credit card. Each individual sum donated adds up to a substantial amount, as can be seen by the £10,000 already raised.

Medivet would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all clients who have donated via the Pennies system so far; the response has been absolutely overwhelming. 

You can find out more about Pennies and how you can contribute to this worthy cause through our Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign.

You can find out more about Hope’s story and the work that Medivet and the Wilderness Foundation are doing to help combat the poaching crisis by reading our blogs 'A Glimmer of Hope' and 'A Story of Hope'

Pennies The Digital Charity Box. What happens to the pennies you donate to charity via Pennies? For every penny, 95% goes to the Wilderness Foundation (registered charity no. 1118493). 5% is retained by Pennies (registered charity no. 1122489).

Posted July 6, 2015 in Press

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