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A Solution to Your Pets' Weight and Dietary Concerns

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One of our Senior Partners and Vetinary Surgeons, Jeff Langberg at Medivet Catton has been using the Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder to help feed his three cats on separate diets.

"We have three cats who live at home with us. On the left, is Wedgie, an Exotic Shorthair, who was handed in to the surgery as a stray about six years ago. After two weeks of searching for her owners, I decided to take her home, but soon after she developed a nasty, mustard-coloured, smelly diarrhoea.

After a basic workup, and dietary exclusion, she was found to be food allergic, as well as seasonally atopic. As long as she was on a hypoallergenic food, all was well. However, that meant feeding the other resident cats the same food. All well and good, until those cats went to Kitty Heaven in time and we got the two others in the picture.

Surefeed case study

The other two, Chester (Fat Chess) in the centre, and Woody the ginger on the right, came a few years later.

We did an open day at the practice where we invited a local cat rehoming charity to fill the cages with strays, so that the throngs of clients would be captivated by their cuteness, and take some of them home. Although we had over 120 people on the day, there was not one real indication of any serious takers for the kittens; except for me. The charity agreed to skip the home check and let us take two kittens home.

surefeed infoChester was an eight week old, tiny, bug-eyed kitten with attitude. He had been brought in to a local vet collapsed at a week old. He was anaemic and crawling with fleas. He made up for lost time, and would eat anything and everything. He loves ice cream and appears out of nowhere the moment you get a Magnum out of the freezer. Yoghurt too. Also, whenever you stroke him, he rushes to the food bowl. Cuddles and food are interchangeable for him. That is how he got the nick-name of Fat Chess.

Woody is a skinny supermodel of a cat. Friendly, slightly skittish, long and lean. For him, food is an inconvenience. He has two or three mouthfuls and that’s enough.

So when we put all three cats on the hypoallergenic food, Wedgie was fine, Chess got embarrassingly huge and Woody got very thin.

The Solution: three SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeders. Wedgie has the hypoallergenic diet, Chess has controlled portions of RCW Satiety or Hills RD, and Woody has full fat Hills. Wedgie is happy, Chess is thinner and Woody is in good condition!" 

"A fantastic solution, to an issue that I imagine lots of clients will have. Thanks to SureFlap for solving this problem!" 

Posted September 1, 2015 in Pet Care Advice

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