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Vets Successfully Raise Money to Save Beau's Life

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Thanks to a fund-raising campaign carried out by the kind-hearted team at Medivet Billinge, a cat that was found abandoned with severe growths on both front paws has made a successful recovery.

On Wednesday 8th July, the team at Medivet Billinge were presented with a female cat that had been found abandoned with severe growths to both forelimbs. The growths were so bad that she was unable to walk properly.

Head Veterinary Nurse, Faye Lakin, began calling around rescue centres to see if they could help. Unfortunately, all centres were at full capacity and unable to take Beau in. The only option left was euthanasia and as the centres were telling Faye this news, Beau was sat on her knee purring and rubbing against her.

“I couldn’t do it”, Faye said. “I am not in the profession for convenience but to make animal’s better and provide them with the care and quality of life they deserve”.

After much thought and tears, the Billinge team decided to pull together to try and raise funds to cover the costs of the diagnostic tests and treatment required to help make Beau feel more comfortable.

Beau with get well cardFaye sought advice from other members of the Medivet family and the response she received left her astounded. “I actually became teary reading all the kind advice and generous donations that were being offered and this was before they even knew the full story – this made me so proud to be part of the Medivet family”, Faye explained.

In house blood results showed that all of Beau’s organs were working accordingly and her enzymes were within the normal range. A PCV test revealed that Beau was severely anaemic due to an infestation of fleas.

The team took a biopsy of the growths and eagerly awaited the results – these came back as severe infection, inflammation and ulceration. 

Beau with new ownerTo help boost funds, Faye contacted local newspapers to tell them about Beau’s story. Beau managed to make it into three newspapers and it wasn’t long until donations began flying through the roof; Beau even received get well soon cards from members of the public with a flood of offers to re-home her.

The team were able to treat Beau with the donated money they received and Beau is now doing amazingly well. “We managed to reach our target on the Just Giving website”, Faye explained. “Her growths look fabulous - we have been able to take off her boxing gloves so she is bandage free and she is loving being able to groom her own legs again.”

Beau has found a forever home and a happy ending. She has now moved in with her new owner who will keep Faye and the rest of the team at Medivet Billinge updated with pictures and stories on a regular basis. You can follow these updates on the Medivet Billinge Facebook page.

 Beau without bandages

Posted August 18, 2015 by Cara Zaleski in Press

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