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We regularly go around the country to speak with staff at our practices and find out more about them, news from their area and useful animal health advice. This week we spoke with Adri Rossouw who is the Branch Partner at Medivet South Wootton.

Adri heads up a very busy team at the South Wootton practice in Norfolk.

She has swapped the sunny climes of South Africa for the less predictable east coast of England. Having grown up and qualified as a vet in South Africa in 1992 she has worked with Medivet for the past six years.

She said: “I cannot remember a time when I didn’t want to be a vet – it’s the only career I’ve ever considered since being three years old. My earliest memories always have animals in.”

Adri treats all of the animals brought into her practice with the highest levels of care but has a particular passion for cats.

She said: “I love all animals but I am crazy about cats. I even write a regular article for Medivet’s inhouse magazine from the perspective of my cat who is called Karlolus and named after a South African cartoon character. It’s called Kitten Tales and is very popular.

“I love their intelligence and independence. For me they are the most interesting species. I heard an expression once that summed up the difference between a cat and a dog ‘A dog will come when you call him but a cat will just take a message and get back to you when they’re ready.’

Adri’s interest in cats has meant the practice leads the way in feline care and she has plenty of tips for cat owners.

“The advancements in treatment and medicine mean we can help cats, and indeed most animals, live longer, happier and healthier lives. I think cat owners should look out for signs in their pets aged over 8 years-old. What seems like old age setting in, sleeping a lot and not moving with such speed and grace can actually be symptoms of arthritis and that’s something we can treat pretty easily and effectively.”

Such is Adri’s expertise and affinity with felines she has even picked up the nickname ‘The Cat Whisperer.’ Medivet South Wootten is an iCat Care accredited cat-friendly practice, which means it meets certain criteria prescribed by International Cat Care (formerly the Feline Advisory Bureaux).

Posted September 15, 2015 in Press

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