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Medivet Twickenham Gives Toffee a Happy Ending

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Photograph: Richmond and Twickenham Times. Lead vet Sarah Baig sitting with the team’s official “stress reliever”

Sat upright on her paw print blanket wearing a bright pink bow around her collar, Sticky Toffee Pudding is a sweet picture of canine happiness. But if you rewind back to September 2014, this thought-to-be three-year-old boxer and Labrador cross experienced a different way of life and was just hours away from death.   

Last year, Sticky Toffee Pudding was abandoned and left to die in Crane Park before she was rescued and taken to Sarah Baig and the team at Medivet Twickenham.

Having worked closely with Animal Rescue and Care Twickenham and Hounslow Animal Welfare Society, the team at Medivet Twickenham were nothing but a perfect match for poor Toffee who was in desperate need of help, care and affection.

Sticky ToffeePhotograph: Richmond and Twickenham Times. Sticky Toffee Pudding went from weighing 11 kg to a healthy 26 kg

When Toffee was presented to the team at the practice, she was unable to walk and weighed just 11 kg. She had wounds on her body that were consistent with pressure sores and the team suspected she had fallen victim to being locked up in a shed or a similar room with a hard surface and no bedding or food.

Sarah Baig, lead vet at Medivet Twickenham, said: “I had never seen a patient so emaciated in my 8 odd years of clinical practice, and neither had any of our other vets.”

“Most of the vets, including specialists I consulted when she was first presented, agreed with me that her chances of survival were slim, and that euthanasia was a reasonable option.”

Toffee had lost over 50% of her body weight and had virtually no muscle mass with very little strength to stand upright or go to the toilet unassisted.

Sarah said: “She still managed to find the strength to wag her tail and that is what made me decide to give her a chance rather than put her to sleep.”

Unfortunately, Toffee was not microchipped, so her owners could not be located. The team took turns looking after Toffee out-of-hours.

Over time, Sarah formed a special bond with the down-to-earth crossbreed and explained how she found it hard to understand why anyone would abandon such a trusting and loving dog.

“I came to realise very quickly what an affectionate, brave little dog she was”, she proclaimed.

Sarah introduced Toffee to her husband who felt the same way and within five minutes of meeting her, he and Sarah both agreed they should officially adopt her and they took her to her new ‘forever’ home.  

Today we celebrate Toffee making a full recovery and the team at Twickenham for their complete devotion to making sure she feels better.

Toffee now weighs a healthy 26 kg and is an integral member of the Medivet Twickenham team as their official “stress reliever”. A Toffee cuddle is just what they need to recharge their batteries and keep them doing the incredible jobs that they do in practice.

Dr Baig said: “She has a fantastic personality, loves people and gives the best cuddles at home and at work!”

“It breaks my heart to think someone could have treated such a loving, trusting, well behaved dog in such an awful way. But onwards and upwards, she’s in good hands now!”

Medivet Twickenham are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of veterinary care to all animals. They continue to raise money for local charities and, along with the wider Medivet group, are supporting the Wilderness Foundation and Dr William Fowlds in their fight to save rhinos from the poaching crisis in South Africa. Medivet Twickenham have donated over £5,000 to Medivet Saving the Rhino and have raised more than £1,500 for local charities.

Images courtesy of Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Posted September 25, 2015

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