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Puppy socialisation classes are extremely important for the social and emotional well-being of your dog. But did you know that by attending one our free classes and choosing to give a small donation, you’re not only doing a great thing for your own pup, but you’re also joining in the fight against rhino poaching by helping to train up detection dogs in South Africa?

Medivet is currently supporting the Wilderness Foundation in several of its many initiatives to help detect and halt rhino poaching activity in South Africa. With the poaching situation now beyond dire, new methods of combating the crisis are being introduced. One such project – Dog Detection and Protection Services – sees funds raised from a variety of sources, including Medivet’s puppy parties, being used to train up an elite canine unit in South Africa. These dogs specialise in patrolling borders, tracking poachers and sniffing out firearms and contraband such as rhino horn and ivory.

The results of the funds raised so far can be seen in examples like Sammy, a 2 year old German shepherd who has been trained in special tracking and attack techniques to help combat rhino poaching. You can follow more of Sammy’s story by following the K-9 Detection & Protection Services Facebook page.

The idea behind puppy parties is to get your puppy off to the best start in life by equipping you with the knowledge and the tools you need to guide and support them through life.

A new puppy does not come with a set of instructions and it can often be challenging to know what’s best for them. Puppy parties give your pup the opportunity to socialise with other dogs their age in a calm and controlled environment. Owners are also given tips and advice and it’s an opportunity to ask animal professionals any questions you may have about the new addition to your family.

Every owner who attends a puppy party receives a set of notes week by week and topics covered include everything from crate training to attention-seeking behaviour to long line training. By neglecting to provide your pup with any training in these first few crucial months of life, there’s a real possibility that they may begin to form bad habits. It’s much easier to prevent bad habits than fix them once they have already been acquired. That’s why it’s so important to teach your pup early and give them constant guidance.

Medivet’s puppy parties are a free service and everyone is welcome to attend, even if you aren’t a Medivet client. If you do attend one of these brilliant classes, you will have the opportunity to make a small donation to the Wilderness Foundation so that they can keep funding the training of detection and protection dogs.

If you are a new dog owner and would like to get your puppy involved in socialisation parties, use our online practice finder to contact your local Medivet practice to find out when and where they are being run. Not only will you be helping your puppy get the best possible start in life, but you will also be making a real and meaningful contribution to the fight against rhino poaching, and helping to turn the tide for these majestic creatures once and for all.


Posted October 16, 2015 by Sarah Allen in Press

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