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Max's Remarkable Road to Recovery

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Max the husky was recently admitted to Medivet Hendon after suffering severe injuries. Poor Max had been run over by a bus, losing most of his skin in the process. Our team at Medivet Hendon were called and without hesitation, a nurse and vet rushed to help. Five amazing firemen were called to the scene and they managed to lift the bus and place blocks underneath it so Hendon’s vet, Luca Bresciani, and nurse, Rosalind Oliver, could crawl under and sedate Max. Together, they helped get the eight-month-old husky puppy to safety.

Our wonderful team at Medivet Hendon have been caring for Max ever since. On his day of admission, partner and veterinary surgeon Dr Richard Leonard successfully stitched Max’s skin back together, which was the first of many surgeries he will require. The team have been working tirelessly to help Max on his journey to recovery, ensuring he is given multiple injections daily for pain relief. This medication is also given orally so the experience is less stressful for Max who is an extremely brave patient.

Sadly, poor Max is without an owner and the cost for his treatment is expensive. However, Hendon’s veterinary nurse Heidi Sadler created a Just Giving page to help gather funding for the treatment. Fireman Llywelyn Legall, who helped our vet team rescue Max, used the power of social media to spread Max’s story and help our Hendon team achieve their fundraising goal. They were met with an outpouring of support as news of Max’s horrific accident spread across the internet and hit national newspapers. Heart Welfare Husky Charity donated a generous £1,000 to help Max with his treatment and have offered to help rehome him. It wasn’t long before Hendon reached their target of £6,000, which has now been surpassed as many caring people continue to support Max and all the work Hendon are doing to help him.

“We did it! Thanks to all you amazing people, Max's target has been hit. We are all so overwhelmed and cannot thank you enough. Max clearly has a real fight for life and thanks to everyone, we are able to make that life the best we possibly can. We know he is eternally grateful and will update you all throughout Max's journey.”

Enough money has been raised to give Max hip replacement surgery, which will take place after his stitches and skin heal to prevent infection. While he awaits his surgery Max has been enjoying all the attention he receives from the staff at Hendon. He loves his daily cuddles and ear scratches from everyone who has become so attached to him. Student veterinary nurse Chrissy Cutler adores having a cuddle with a resting Max.

Max and Chrissy

Max has been able to walk briefly around our garden at Medivet Hendon following the surgery to repair his skin, which is remarkable. While he had to take the walk slowly, due to his fractured pelvis, it is clear that he will not let anything stand in his way of making a full recovery!

The team have reported that Max is making good progress with his recovery. He has been tolerating the daily bandage changes extremely well. They were worried that as a husky puppy he might be more prone to aggressive behaviour during the bandage swaps but were pleasantly surprised to discover that he welcomed them, patiently and bravely.

While they are concerned Max is losing weight, they are keeping a watchful eye over him and are monitoring him to ensure he remains healthy. On a happier note, Max wags his tail a lot more now and enjoys his walks in the garden as well. He’s a bit of a cheeky chappie and will be looking for a forever home once he has fully recovered.

Our staff regularly post updates about Max’s progress on their Medivet Hendon Facebook page, which you can follow as Max’s story continues. 

Posted November 2, 2015 by Joanna Maestas in Press

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