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Pip Lewis was awarded Medivet Chafford Hundred’s Braveheart Award for October 2015. This award is given to patients who display tremendous amounts of bravery during treatment. Pip was first admitted to Medivet Chafford Hundred in August 2015 but also met members of the Southend 24-hour hospital team during his weeks of treatment.

Pip’s case was complex, but veterinary surgeon, Ryk Botes, of Medivet Chafford Hundred worked tirelessly alongside his remarkable team to help and treat Pip.  Initially, Pip’s symptoms were a bit of a head scratcher for the staff, but an X-ray showed that he had an undersized liver. Vet Ryk discovered the presence of a liver shunt, meaning the blood bypasses the liver rendering it unable to function properly. Although Ryk and his team successfully fitted a constrictor over the shunt, unfortunately Pip was still not eating.

Pip LewisBeautiful little Pip melted the hearts of our teams at Medivet Chafford Hundred and Medivet Southend. He was a really lovely, calm and patient dog who was always wagging his tail and happy to see the staff. When he had to be tube fed Pip was very brave and calm. Unfortunately, the damage to Pip’s blood brain barrier was extensive, and the staff could do no more to help him. Heartbreakingly, he was put to sleep on Monday 28th September, leaving everyone who knew him devastated. 

Our thoughts are with the owners, whose beloved dog “was a very special little man, and he has left a big hole in our hearts”. Client care assistant Lizzie said, “Pip’s owners were lovely”, while partner Ryk thought highly of them; “they were exemplary owners, they were caring and made the right decisions. But they also knew when to stop. I cannot speak highly enough of them”. 

All our staff were privileged to know Pip and felt the same. Patient care assistant Helen, said: “he had such a sunny personality”. While student veterinary nurse, Niki said: “he didn’t have a bad bone in his body”. Their colleague Charlotte remembers Pip was always happy to see you, even when he wasn’t feeling himself. It is clear that Pip touched the hearts of those fortunate to meet him as he “was very loving and cuddled into you”, as registered veterinary nurse Naomi recalls.

Even after his passing, Pip’s loving owners showed how appreciative their canine companion was for all the love and care he received during his treatment. A letter written to the practice was signed from Pip who wanted to donate to a charity of the practice’s choice. Chafford Hundred chose to put Pip’s generous donation towards our Medivet Saving the Rhino campaign.

Patient care assistant, Jodie, has fond memories of Pip who “always brightened up my day with his constant kisses and tail wags”. There is no doubt that Pip was an amazing companion who will be greatly missed. 

Posted November 2, 2015 by Joanna Maestas in Press

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