Introducing Hope's New Companion Courage

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We would officially like to introduce you to COURAGE... Hope's companion!

Courage is a 4-year-old sub adult White Rhino bull who has been with Hope for the last few weeks. We have kept this news top secret so the two could try and create a bond away from the spotlight, and with no added pressure from the Shamwari Game Reserve and Saving the Survivors teams.

The two originally warmed to each other but they haven't completely bonded yet. Hope was very wary of Courage in the beginning and we had a few heart-stopping moments where we thought the two were going to fight – thankfully this didn’t happen. Usually when rhino are introduced to each other there is seen to be some aggression to sort out dominance, but it is not a huge concern. For obvious reasons, we watched the two with a close eye – this is because a single blow could have undone months of reconstruction to Hope's face.

Moving Courage was no small task! We had to battle torrential rain and navigate almost impassable roads (thankfully we had tractors on standby which pulled more than one vehicle out of the mud).

We have to say a massive thanks to Dr Johan Joubert, Bruce Main and the exceptional ground crew at Shamwari Game Reserve – we are not sure if any other team would have pulled the relocation off in very trying circumstances. Sincere thanks to the Wilderness Foundation, MedivetDr William Fowlds and to Adrian Steirn for these powerful images. From here, we are hopeful that Courage and Hope will bond, however there is a chance that they won't... Only time will tell… 

Where there is life, there is Hope!

A week later…

Hope and Courage Image courtesy of Trucks Multimedia

It doesn't look like much but this is the closest that Hope and Courage have been seen together. Unfortunately they are not bonding well… Hope seems terribly grumpy with Courage, but Courage is giving her space... We continue to hope that this situation will change, but if this doesn't work, we will have to come up with an alternative solution. She seems to want to keep us on our toes…

Thank you to Saving the Survivors for the regular updates on Hope.

Posted December 8, 2015 in Press

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