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We regularly go around the country to speak with staff at our practices and find out more about them, news from their area and useful animal health advice. This week we spoke with Louise Lohne who is the Branch Partner at Medivet Esher, in Surrey.

Louise’s path to become a Veterinary Surgeon took her from a Norwegian island via Budapest to Derbyshire, before heading to Surrey.

Growing up on an island one and half hours away from Oslo helped grow Louise’s love of animals and the natural world from an early age.

Louise said: “When I made the decision to become a Vet I studied in Budapest at the University of Veterinary Science.

“I came to England in 2006 and worked as a locum in Derbyshire for two years before settling here in Esher. That was back in 2008 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working here.”

Louise was joined by fellow Branch Partner and Vet Monica Mora in June, and together they head up a team of five nurses, three vets and three reception staff.

Louise added: “I’m very proud of our team. We work well together and we work hard to care for clients and their pets. We’re a well established team and all of us have been working together for at least two years. Our focus is on providing quality care, being compassionate and always being friendly.”

Louise has a special interest in dentistry and, given this, is perfectly placed to provide expert advice on how to keep an animal’s teeth clean and healthy.

“Dogs in particular benefit from having their teeth cleaned regularly. By that I mean every day – only brushing once a week is pointless.

“We encourage people to start brushing their dog’s teeth as a puppy. Make it a game and after a few weeks of brushing the process becomes second nature to them. You can also introduce supplements as well as bones and knuckles for them to gnaw on and strengthen their teeth.

“Also, clients should get their pet’s teeth checked at least once a year at booster time and may need a dental scale and polish procedure every 18-24 months depending on the individual animal.”


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Posted December 29, 2015 in Press

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