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World Spay Day is an annual campaign hosted by Humane Society International, The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association and The Humane Society of the United States.

The campaign takes place on the last Tuesday in February each year, with the aim to shine a light on neutering as a proven method of saving the lives of companion animals, feral and stray cats, and street dogs.

This year, the 22nd annual World Spay Day lands on the 23rd February 2016, and Medivet would like to help raise awareness of the importance of neutering both male and female cats and dogs, to help save lives and reduce major health problems.

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘neutering’, ‘spaying’ and ‘castrating’ before. But if you, like many other pet owners out there, wonder why there are multiple terms to describe the neutering procedure, let us help you understand by defining what each term means…

What is neutering?

Neutering is the term used to describe the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ, either all of it or a considerably large part of it.

Neutering is the process of surgically preventing an animal from reproducing. It has amazing benefits for both you and your pet, but it also helps to curb overpopulation where sadly, thousands of animals are left abandoned or dumped as a result of there being insufficient homes.

What is the difference between spaying and castrating?

To put it very simply, the terms ‘spaying’ and ‘castrating’ are used to describe the surgical procedures in females and males. The operation for removing a male’s reproductive organs is called castration, and in females, the operation is called spaying.

Castration involves removing both testicles to eliminate the main source of the male testosterone. Whereas spaying involves removing both the ovaries and the uterus so that females are unable to become pregnant.

The benefits of neutering your pet

The decision to neuter your pet will be one of the single biggest health decisions you will make for their long-term health. There are so many benefits for why neutering is a great idea. Here are a few:

  • Helps them live longer, happier lives
  • Stops male cats from roaming when females are in season
  • Prevents females from developing life-threatening uterine infections, such as pyometra
  • Eliminates the number of health problems that are difficult and/or expensive to treat
  • Prevents some forms of cancer from developing in your pet, especially those that affect the mammary glands, ovaries and uterus in females, and the testes in males (particularly the occurrence of testicular cancer)
  • Prevents females from going into heat
  • Reduces behavioural problems such as mounting family members
  • Makes pets more docile
  • Prevents false pregnancies

Neutering also benefits you!

  • Neutering makes for a better, more affectionate companion
  • Castrated or spayed pets are less likely to spray or mark their territory in unwanted places, like your home!

As you can see, there are so many positive reasons for why it’s great to neuter your pet, so don’t wait until the last Tuesday of February to take action.

Is your pet signed up to our Medivet Healthcare Plan? If so, you will receive 10% off neutering procedures*. If not, why not see how your pet can benefit from the preventative healthcare that’s included in the Medivet Healthcare Plan?

If you have an unneutered pet and would like further information and advice about the neutering procedure, use our online practice finder tool to find your local Medivet practice and give the friendly team a call – the vets and nurses will be only too pleased to assist you.

Lead the way and help curb overpopulation today!

*Please note that the 10% discount does not cover food, non-prescription medication or retail products such as leads or toys. 

Posted February 5, 2016 by Cara Zaleski in Preventative Healthcare

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