The Importance of Pet Insurance Cover Notes

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We understand that your pet is an important member of your family, which is why we recommend taking out pet insurance to cover the costs of veterinary treatment should your pet fall ill or require emergency treatment.

Pet insurance companies can issue cover notes as part of their insurance. These forms are extremely important and help cover treatment costs for unexpected emergencies! Our dedicated and compassionate team at Medivet Pinner recently witnessed first-hand how vital these cover notes are.

Medusa’s Story

Partner and veterinary surgeon, Reena Patel, recently received a case where a pet insurance cover note played a vital part in treating an owner’s pet.

Medusa the dog was on a casual stroll with her owner, when she unfortunately got a painful hook stuck in her paw. A passer-by helped Medusa’s caring owner rush her to Medivet Pinner to receive treatment.

After analysing the situation, the team knew they would need to sedate Medusa as the safest and most painless way to remove the hook. A speedy analysis meant that our dedicated team could remove the hook without any issues. Good news for Medusa and her owner!

Unfortunately, however, there is no National Health Service for pets and Medusa’s owner did not have pet insurance to help cover the costs incurred for his pet’s treatment.  On an inspirational note, the compassionate individual who helped bring Medusa to our team offered to pay the veterinary bill. The team and Medusa’s owner were overwhelmed by such kindness and it’s nice to know that there are some ‘Good Samaritans’ out there!  

Reena herself has always had a great love for animals and spoke with Medusa’s owner in great detail about pet insurance policies and the free cover notes provided. These provide owners with free and valuable insurance protection for a certain amount of time. Medusa’s owner received support from the charity, Animal’s Trust, who offered to pay for the cover notes’ first year’s premium on top of the cover note. On a positive note, he has now paid his excess contribution to Medusa’s care for the hook removal.  

It’s a good thing Medusa’s owner was able to gain a free pet insurance cover note as within two weeks of this, Medusa sadly returned to Medivet Pinner in a critical condition. Medusa had been involved in a road traffic accident and was rushed to Medivet Pinner for immediate treatment. The cover note issued from the previous two weeks fully covered all emergency treatment Medusa received for her injuries.

Medusa made a full recovery and returned for a check-up soon after her surgery. She was greeted by delighted staff at Medivet Pinner, who thoroughly enjoyed fussing over her!

Thankfully for Medusa, and to her owner’s delight, the free pet insurance cover note meant that all of her life saving treatment was already covered! 

Pet insurance provides you with the peace of mind that should the worst happen to your pet, you can receive help towards the cost of treatment. The story we’ve shared is a testament to this.

We want only the best for your beloved pet’s health and wellbeing – that’s why we recommend taking out pet insurance to help cover costs for any unexpected veterinary bills. Our online practice finder will help you find your nearest Medivet. If you would like to pop in for a chat or call and speak to a member of our dedicated team, they are more than happy to answer any queries about the best policy for your pet.  

Posted February 2, 2016 in Pet Care Advice

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