Junior's Happy Ending Thanks to a Microchip

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When Junior went missing twenty months ago, a phone call to say he had been found was the last thing his pet owner expected…

Junior, an 8-year-old ginger domestic shorthair cat, sadly went missing in August 2014 and his devastated owner, Vicky, immediately covered the village with posters in a desperate attempt to be reunited with her furry family member.

She called all local vets, sought media attention through radio Shropshire, and sent out pleas via social media to spread the word about her missing feline. For a whole month, several friends and family scoured the area each evening to see if Junior was in sight. To their dismay, Junior was nowhere to be seen and Vicky began to give up hope on ever seeing her four-legged friend again.

Twenty long months passed by and suddenly, the extraordinary happened…

Thanks to a good eye from a lady who worked in one of the businesses near Battlefield Enterprise Park, Junior had been found. Apparently he had been hanging around outside Screwfix for a couple of days, so the kind lady handed him in to Medivet Shrewsbury.

The team checked Junior’s microchip and called Vicky to tell her that a cat had been handed in. Vicky received the call whilst she was at work and recalled their conversation: “It had been so long and we had lost hope, so when the lady asked if our cat had been missing, I presumed our other cat had been taken into the vets, wrongly mistaken as being lost.

“When the lady said he was a large ginger cat, I immediately knew who it was and I was overwhelmed with happiness that finally our boy would be back where he belonged.”

Vicky finished work that day and fetched Junior from the vets. As soon as they were reunited, Junior was purring – it was as if he had never been away.

When Junior returned home, he quickly settled in and that night, he and his brother were cuddled up together in Junior’s favourite blanket which they kept just in case he came back.

Junior and Marcus 1Junior (left) and his brother, Marcus (right), are inseperable.

Vicky was extremely thankful for being reunited with her boy at long last. She said: “I just want to say a huge thank you to the ladies at Screwfix for handing Junior in. Without the kindness of people looking out for animals who seem distressed or lost, we would never have been reunited with our boy.”

Microchipping is an important part of responsible pet ownership and without having had Junior microchipped, Vicky may have been left always wondering what happened to him.

Vicky said: “It’s reassuring to know if your pet is microchipped, the chance of finding them increases. I couldn’t recommend microchips enough – it has brought so much happiness and closure to our family, and if ever there was a story to show the importance of microchipping, then this is the one!”

Over 900 pets a day go missing in the UK but a solution the size of a grain of rice means they are more likely to be reunited with their owner.

If you have a pet that needs microchipping, please contact your local vet today. If you join our Medivet Healthcare Plan, your pet’s microchip is completely free of charge! Speak to a member of your local Medivet team to find out more.

Posted May 31, 2016 by Cara Zaleski in Press

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