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***Warning: Graphic Images Below***

On Monday 26th September at 9am, the team at Medivet Canvey Island received a worried phone call from a member of the public, telling them that a cat had jumped a fence and was impaled on a metal pole.

The deputy head nurse, Lisa, and junior nurse, Raeanne, immediately headed out to evaluate the scene and due to their quick thinking, they managed to bring both the male cat and the pole back to the practice.

At that point, they didn't know who the owner was but Lizzie, the senior vet, checked him over and sedated him while the nurses supported him to stop any further damage. He was put into fluids and placed under anaesthetic then rushed into X-ray to evaluate the damage. The pole was imbedded in the muscles of the leg and groin and also through the muscles to his back, penetrating his skin on the other side. Luckily, the pole had missed his spine and tummy by 1cm.

Ginge PoleAn X-ray showed the pole had gone through Ginge's leg and groin muscles

The cat’s owners were quickly found and Lizzie explained to them that he would need surgery as pulling the pole out may cause further damage (the pole may have been stopping an artery from bleeding). The team performed an ultrasound to see if any internal organs or blood vessels were damaged.

Lizzie couldn't see any major pockets of damage on the ultrasound scan and so advised surgery to remove the pole and explore the wound/clean and repair the damage.

Cost was a concern for Ginge’s owners, and although euthanasia was an option as his injuries were very severe, Lizzie and the central partners at Medivet agreed that they would cover the majority of the cost of surgery and treatment for Ginge to give him a fighting chance as it was a miracle that he had made it this far.

Luckily when the pole was removed it looked as though no major arteries had been hit but during the two and a half hour surgery, the team found that there was a lot of damage to the muscles and some torn and bruised nerves. Lizzie repaired the damage to his muscles, stitched his wounds, and placed three drains to help allow the infection to drain while the antibiotics started working.

Ginge recovered well from his surgery and stayed at Medivet’s 24-hour hospital in Southend to continue his treatment and pain relief which Medivet continued to cover the cost of.

After five days of intensive care and treatment, Ginge went home to continue his recovery. He will return to see Lizzie at Medivet Canvey Island next week to start his physio plan. Ginge has some nerve damage which seems to be improving daily and will require more treatment over the next few weeks but is so far doing really well!

We would like to say an amazing well done to Ginge for being such a superstar in hospital, and to his mum and dad for allowing us to give him a chance.

Posted October 5, 2016 by Cara Zaleski in Press

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