Reptile Awareness Day 2016

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Did you know that the first reptiles evolved 320 million years ago?

Each year on the 21st October, people across the nation celebrate National Reptile Awareness Day – a day that was created not only for reptile lovers but also to promote education, conservation and appreciation for reptiles. It’s a day dedicated to learning about their natural habitats and the ecological threats that they face.

Reptiles are a class of vertebrates that are scaly and cold blooded. There are more than 8,000 species of reptiles on the planet and they live on every continent except Antarctica. Turtles, terrapins, tortoises, lizards, snakes, alligators and crocodiles, to name just a few, all serve an important role in the ecosystem and are a vital part of a healthy environment.

Fun facts about our scaly friends

  • Alligators can live for nearly 70 years
  • Certain types of snakes can go months without eating
  • Snakes and lizards do not smell through their noses like us humans. Instead, they use their tongues to collect scent particles
  • The scales of all snakes are made of keratin, the same substance found in our own fingernails
  • Turtles have been on the planet for more than 200 million years

Will you be celebrating National Reptile Awareness Day? Perhaps you’d like to but are not sure how to get involved. Don’t worry, as we have some ideas in mind to help you spread the word…

How you can get involved

There are a few things you can do to make other people aware of these unique and amazing creatures.

  • Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #ReptileAwarenessDay
  • Donate to one of the many great reptile charities that help give a voice to the UK’s amphibians and reptiles – saving species, improving habitats and enhancing lives in the process:  

We hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating reptiles and helping to raise awareness of this special day.  

Posted October 14, 2016 by Cara Zaleski in Press

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