Posted in March 2014

The Essential Guide to Pets and Poisons

Posted 21 Mar 2014

As there is currently a spate of dog poisonings in the Kingsbury area we thought it would be a good idea to provide our essential guide to pet poisoning and what you should do if you think your pet might have been poisoned. How do I know if my pet has been poisoned? There’s a huge range of progressive symptoms, so picking it up early is crucial. As the person who knows your pet best, you’re... Read more

Tip-Top Care for National Pet Month!

Posted 14 Mar 2014

Next month is National Pet Month, a time when we all say a big thank you to our furry friends for being such good companions! The best way to do that?  Make sure you know the key factors for keeping your pet happy and healthy! Animal charity the PDSA have identified 5 very important principles for tip-top pet care which are: Environment Diet Behaviour Companionship Health So, how ... Read more

Caring for Baby Wildlife this Spring

Posted 06 Mar 2014

We’re just about to see the last of winter, which means that soon we’ll be seeing a boom of baby animals. In fact, because our winter has been so mild, you may even start seeing baby animals earlier than normal. We’re all eager to help if we think an animal is in trouble but well-meaning people often intervene when they shouldn’t. So, when should you step in and when should you leave well a... Read more