Posted in March 2015

A Career in the Veterinary World

Posted 09 Mar 2015

‘Being a vet is a life style, not a job.’  Elizabeth-Ann King, Branch Partner, Medivet Canvey Island We’re often asked what it’s like to work in veterinary practice. The truth is that, just like any job, it has its positives and negatives. Life in modern veterinary practice is a long way from the idyllic country vision of working with animals many people still have. The reality of daily wo... Read more

The Low-down on Zoonotic Diseases

Posted 06 Mar 2015

The news regarding the pet dog of an Ebola victim being put to sleep has raised lots of questions about just what can and can’t pass from pets to humans (or vice versa). Whilst research into Ebola transmission from animals to humans is ongoing, there are a number of conditions we DO know can be transmitted. Whilst these are a lot less scary than Ebola, they can be serious and even deadly so... Read more