Posted in March 2016

Act Now or Forever Live Without the Rhino

Posted 25 Mar 2016

Emma and Cara from our marketing team reflect on their recent visit to South Africa. There they worked with wildlife vet, Dr William Fowlds, to find out why the profession must act now to help save the rhino. The vibrations of the helicopter overhead ran through our bodies as we waited in silence on the safari vehicle. The crack of the tranquilizing dart gun echoed through the reserve. The r... Read more

Become a Bunny Boffin

Posted 22 Mar 2016

Is your bunny getting the care they need? Rabbits are one of the UK’s most popular pets, with an estimated 1.7 million according to the PDSA wellbeing report in 2012. However, these little furry creatures can be surprisingly enigmatic and their needs are often misunderstood or underestimated. So, what things do rabbits need in order to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle? Diet A rabbit’s d... Read more

Dog owners warning: Dangerous tick-borne disease, canine babesiosis, found in the UK

Posted 17 Mar 2016

Scientists at the University of Bristol have confirmed that four dogs in Essex, who had not travelled abroad, have been infected with Babesia canis, a life-threatening disease transmitted via a bite from an infected tick. Babesiosis is usually found in Europe. These cases have raised concerns about the spread of this disease and the need for increased surveillance in the UK. It also raises c... Read more

Introducing Wildlife Operations Group

Posted 01 Mar 2016

The Wildlife Operations Group, initiated and managed by the Wilderness Foundation Africa, is a multi-agency partnership whose overarching objective is to reduce wildlife crime and succeed in the prosecution of offenders of poaching. This is achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes; reach and development, training, support investigation and operational activities in order... Read more