Posted in March 2017

Impaled on a Branch: Mya Lives to Tell Her Tale

Posted 24 Mar 2017

Medivet West Byfleet’s Head Vet, Laura, has seen many cases of impalement throughout her career as a vet, but nothing quite like this one… A glorious stroll in Woking turned into an absolute nightmare for Mya – a six-year-old female lurcher – after she chased a rabbit through the woods and shrieked. Mya was lying on the ground and, when her owner, Lee, ran over to her, it took her a second to n... Read more

The Essential Guide to Hyperthyroidism

Posted 16 Mar 2017

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer. Whilst this is fantastic as pets are living happier, healthier lives, it does mean that they’re more inclined to develop certain conditions. This includes hyperthyroidism, which is a disease very common in older cats. It can sometimes seem like your cat is just ‘getting on a bit’ but, like arthritis, it’s actually a condition t... Read more

Find Your Perfect Dog Buddy

Posted 28 Feb 2017

It's Professional Pet Sitters Week from 4th March, and we've teamed up with DogBuddy, a leading pet-sitting service that pairs owners who are going away with carefully selected pet sitters, to give you advice on how to keep your pets as happy and stress-free as possible whilst you are away. In a recent report by the PDSA, 2.3 million dogs are left alone for five hours or more during the day. D... Read more