Posted in May 2015

Parasite Protection: Know Your Stuff

Posted 29 May 2015

Often, a lot of damage can be done by virtually invisible threats. For our pets, this often means parasites (gross), mites (ick) and ticks (ugh). Our pets can be affected by a number of different parasites, some of which are zoonotic (they can affect us too). This means that it’s even more important for us to prevent our pets suffering from a parasite infestation. Here’s a rundown of the mai... Read more

Working With a Buddy

Posted 29 May 2015

Veterinary Surgeon Kelly Lawless gained a place on Medivet's graduate support programme and was offered a job before she sat her finals. She is now a branch partner at our 24 Hospital in Enfield.  I first heard about Medivet's graduate programme at a vet school careers fair. It was a horrible rainy day, and after a long day of lectures all I wanted to do was to go home. I mean, how do you th... Read more

The Low-down on Pet Weight Loss

Posted 22 May 2015

According to the PFMA report on pet obesity, 45% of dogs and 40% of cats are overweight. Whilst more owners seem to be aware of the implications of their pets being overweight than previously, the problem continues to grow. Being overweight can severely compromise a pet’s quality of life and reduce their lifespan. Overweight pets are more likely to develop certain health issues as a result, ... Read more

Medivet Healthcare Plan - Complete Protection

Posted 13 May 2015

We would like to introduce the Medivet Healthcare Plan (MHP). This is designed to offer both your pet and your pocket complete protection and peace of mind. The elements of the plan have been carefully designed to make sure we give your pets the most comprehensive and effective preventative treatment. Our plan is designed to cover your pet for all preventative treatment. We’d also advise in... Read more

How to Become a Pet Dental Dervish!

Posted 07 May 2015

What sort of state would your teeth be in if you didn’t brush them or have them checked at the dentist? The same applies to our pets! However, pet dental care often gets forgotten, or its importance is underestimated. Perhaps this is why a shocking 80% of dogs and 70% of cats suffer from dental problems by the age of three. Dental problems such as gingivitis and periodontitis can seriously ... Read more