Posted in June 2015

From patient care assistant to area manager

Posted 04 Aug 2015

Denise Turner joined Medivet in 1999 as a patient care assistant and is now an area manager for the group. My journey began in January 1999 when, aged 16, I started as a trainee veterinary nurse. The company had only a handful of practices and, as the years have gone by, I have witnessed not only the growth of the company, but also increased levels of staff support. Initially, I was a ‘floati... Read more

Dry Eye - Take a Closer Look!

Posted 30 Jun 2015

Did you know that, like us, our canine friends are prone to suffering from dry eyes? Much like the human eye, dogs can develop ulcers which in turn can lead to permanent blindness. Thankfully, Dry Eye is fairly straightforward to treat. July is Dry Eye Awareness month and our practices are proud to be bringing awareness to this often undiagnosed disease. From 1st July – 31st August 2015 we ... Read more

Finding the perfect pet

Posted 26 Jun 2015

If you’re planning on getting a new pet then there’s a whole host of things to think about first – what animal? An adult or a young one? Where from? Choosing a new pet is about finding the perfect pet who can fit in with your lifestyle, without having to compromise on their happiness and health. Think carefully about your environment and your daily timetable. If there’s nobody at home duri... Read more

Tame Your Territorial Tomcat!

Posted 19 Jun 2015

The decision to neuter your male cat will be one of the biggest choices you make when it comes to your cat’s health and welfare. Neutering your male cat not only prevents unwanted pregnancies occurring, but it also curbs unwanted behavioural patterns and reduces the risk of certain diseases. We explain why it is so important to castrate your male cat, and what to expect when caring for your ... Read more

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Posted 17 Jun 2015

Socialising your puppy and helping them to become a confident, happy and well-adjusted adult is one of the most important things you can do for them. Just as humans do, dogs need early exposure to their environment so that they can successfully integrate with their surroundings and understand what ‘normal’ behaviour is. Here at Medivet, we are dedicated to helping your puppy achieve balance an... Read more