Posted in July 2014

The Dangers of Flystrike

Posted 25 Jul 2014

Welcome to the second part of our summer pet care guide. This week we’ll be talking about a dangerous condition most common in the warm weather that affects many pet rabbits – Flystrike. What is Flystrike? Flies, most commonly the Green Bottle fly, are attracted to damp or dirty fur and will lay their eggs there. These eggs hatch into maggots which burrow into the affected rabbit’s flesh. P... Read more

Have Lead, Will Travel

Posted 18 Jul 2014

It’s around this time that we start heading off on our summer holidays and some of you may even be taking your pet along with you. Long journeys and being in a strange place can cause anxiety for pets so it’s important to be prepared and make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Top tips for travelling with your pet: Other areas may have differing health threats, eg. dogs in certa... Read more

What Your Pet’s Urine Can Tell Us

Posted 04 Jul 2014

At Medivet we offer free urine tests for any cat or dog over eight years old when they come in for their yearly check-up. Urine testing can be a quick and easy way to detect problems in older pets. The earlier we detect many of these conditions the more we can do to slow down their progress and keep your pet happier and healthier for longer. How to get a urine sample Dogs: It’s usually... Read more

Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

Posted 01 Jul 2014

As we bask in some most un-English lovely weather, spare a thought for our pets. They can’t shed their furry coats, which means that the summer months are often very unpleasant for them. When it comes to pets and summer, it’s important to understand the challenges and dangers of hot weather and know when it might be necessary to make changes to pet care. One of the key dangers of hot weathe... Read more