Posted in July 2015

Celebrating a Stellar Staff Member

Posted 31 Jul 2015

Our staff mean a great deal to us. They are the people that our clients see and interact with on a daily basis. They are the people that work so hard to ensure all your furry friends are happy, healthy and well looked after. One of our amazing members of staff, Reena Patel, recently reached a very impressive milestone. Reena has now worked as a vet with Medivet for 10 years! And, all up, she... Read more

Top Tips for Taking Your Pet on Holiday

Posted 28 Jul 2015

More and more pet owners are taking their four-legged friends along with them on their holiday and although it is becoming increasingly common to do so, it is not as simple as packing a suitcase and jetting off to a desired destination. Many animals find the change in routine and environment quite stressful, so it is important that if you have chosen to take your pet with you on holiday, you... Read more

Stay One Hop Ahead of Fly Strike

Posted 21 Jul 2015

If you own a rabbit, one of the biggest things you will need to be on the lookout for is fly strike. What is it? Fly strike is a very nasty condition that can affect your rabbit within hours. Fly strike occurs when flies, who are attracted to the smell of urine and faeces, land on or around the bottom of your rabbit and lay their eggs in your rabbit’s fur and on their skin. These eggs hatch... Read more

An Introduction to Medivet Billinge

Posted 17 Jul 2015

Every week we go around the country to speak with staff at our practices and find out more about them, news from the area and useful animal health advice. This week we spoke with Faye Lakin – Head Veterinary Nurse at Medivet Billinge. Helping animals has always been a passion of Faye’s. One of her fondest childhood memories is watching the popular TV show Animal Hospital as a child. Faye sa... Read more

Pooches Lead the Way to Save the Rhino

Posted 14 Jul 2015

Dogs have extraordinary abilities that go above and beyond our expectations, and with specialised, intensive training, they can become skilled in many different ways, from leading the blind, helping the disabled and serving on the front line. In South Africa, dogs are being trained to help fight the war against rhino poaching and they are proving to be extremely effective deterrents in the a... Read more