Posted in August 2014

Cool Facts About Cats

Posted 26 Aug 2014

Some aspects of our pets will always be a mystery to us – we thought it would be useful to look into some of the more common mysteries surrounding our pets’ behaviour. Why do cats purr? This one hasn’t been answered definitely yet, but there’s plenty of theories about how they do it. The most prevalent of these is that cats can purr due to a combination of the laryngeal and diaphragm muscle... Read more

How We’re Helping William Fowlds Save the White Rhino

Posted 13 Aug 2014

When former Medivet colleague Will Fowlds approached us to ask if we could support his campaign to save the White Rhino in Southern Africa, we jumped at the chance. This was a project close to our hearts and we could see how crucial it was to intervene immediately if this species wasn’t going to disappear forever. The use of un-manned drones forms a key element of Will’s work tracking and mo... Read more

Making Your Multi-Cat Household Harmonious

Posted 05 Aug 2014

We humans tend to anthropomorphise our pets (give them human attributes). As we’re social creatures who seek out the company of others, we assume everything else must be – including our cats. However, cats are solitary hunters who guard their territory fiercely. It’s little wonder then that our attempts to give them a ‘friend’ in the form of another cat is often a recipe for disaster. By ta... Read more