Posted in September 2015

The Benefits of Neutering Your Pet

Posted 29 Sep 2015

Why should I neuter my pet? There are many benefits to neutering your pets aside from the obvious – an unplanned litter which will need rehoming! Unless you are planning on breeding your dog or cat, we highly recommend that you get your pet neutered. The following benefits outline why it is so important: Neutering can – Prevent some forms of cancer from developing in your pet, especiall... Read more

Medivet Twickenham Gives Toffee a Happy Ending

Posted 25 Sep 2015

Photograph: Richmond and Twickenham Times. Lead vet Sarah Baig sitting with the team’s official “stress reliever” Sat upright on her paw print blanket wearing a bright pink bow around her collar, Sticky Toffee Pudding is a sweet picture of canine happiness. But if you rewind back to September 2014, this thought-to-be three-year-old boxer and Labrador cross experienced a different way of life... Read more

Five Rhino Species Forever - World Rhino Day!

Posted 22 Sep 2015

Tuesday 22nd September 2015 marks a very special day in which people all across the globe will show their support for rhino conservation – World Rhino Day!  The future of one of the planet’s most noble creatures is under threat. In 2014, over 1,215 rhinos were brutally slaughtered for their horns in South Africa, making it the worst poaching year on record. Rhino poaching has sadly reached ... Read more

Hill's Doggy Boot Camp Day Out

Posted 18 Sep 2015

All too often we have the best intentions of exercising and keeping both ourselves and our pets fit, but it can frequently be difficult to find the time (and perhaps the motivation!) to follow through with our well-meaning objectives. Invariably, work, family commitments and life in general seem to take over, and finding the time to do something good for ourselves and our four-legged family m... Read more

Introducing Medivet South Wootton

Posted 15 Sep 2015

We regularly go around the country to speak with staff at our practices and find out more about them, news from their area and useful animal health advice. This week we spoke with Adri Rossouw who is the Branch Partner at Medivet South Wootton. Adri heads up a very busy team at the South Wootton practice in Norfolk. She has swapped the sunny climes of South Africa for the less predictable e... Read more