Posted in September 2016

24 Hour Vet Care in an Emergency

Posted 28 Sep 2016

It is incredibly frightening to witness your beloved pet suffer in pain – especially when it’s unexpected and you don’t know how to handle the situation. Sadly, pet emergencies are a way of life. Even though we can’t escape them, we can put measures in place to ensure pets are seen to, and cared for, as quickly as possible. Thankfully, our Medivet 24-hour centres are here for you and your pet... Read more

4 Huge Health Problems with Pet Obesity

Posted 21 Sep 2016

According to the most recent PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report (PAW), pet obesity is the biggest threat to animal welfare in the next ten years, and four out of five veterinary professionals have seen an increase in pet obesity cases in the last two years. Us humans tend to fret about our own eating habits in order to prevent ourselves from becoming overweight, but what about our furry friends? We ... Read more

2 Ways to Celebrate World Animal Day

Posted 13 Sep 2016

World Animal Day is an annual national awareness day – celebrated on the 4th October each year – which began in 1931 with the aim to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. To achieve this, animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals are encouraged to organise events to celebrate this special... Read more

Rescuing Rosie from her Road Accident

Posted 09 Sep 2016

On the 14th July 2016, an adorable six-year-old Whippet named Rosie was sadly involved in a road accident. She sustained terrible injuries, losing the skin on two of her legs and on one of her toes. She was covered in cuts and bruises, and suffered from fractured ribs and punctured lungs. Poor Rosie was not in a good state, and was taken to Medivet St Helens for emergency veterinary attention. ... Read more

Caring for Your Pet in Their Senior Years

Posted 06 Sep 2016

You’ll be delighted to know that your furry friends are living longer than ever before, thanks to advanced veterinary care and dietary habits. But with an increased life expectancy comes a whole new set of age-related conditions, so it’s important to understand that as your pets age, their needs change, too. Do you have an older pet? Are you aware of the common health problems that affect the... Read more