Posted in October 2014

The Low-down on Pet Diabetes

Posted 28 Oct 2014

Cases of Diabetes are on the rise in humans…but do you know that it’s also on the rise in our pets? November is Pet Diabetes month so we thought it would be a great idea to look at the signs of Diabetes, whether your pet is at risk and how we treat the condition. But first… What actually IS Diabetes? Pets with Diabetes suffer from the incorrect concentration of glucose in the blood as a r... Read more

Wicked Winter Pet Care Made Easy

Posted 21 Oct 2014

Winter has finally arrived and while that’s good for those of us who really love their ‘big coat’, it offers new challenges for looking after our pets. Pets may sleep more to conserve energy during the winter months. Try to keep them active even if they’re going outside less with play sessions to stop them being too sedentary and gaining weight. It helps if you make these a routine so pets... Read more

Taking the Fear out of Fireworks

Posted 07 Oct 2014

With autumn creeping up on us and the nights getting darker, we’re moving closer towards one of the most stressful times of year for pets – fireworks season. More than half of our pet dogs and cats are thought to show signs of fear during fireworks but it’s often not given consideration until it is too late. How do I tell if my pet has a phobia? Whilst fireworks is a very common fear, your... Read more