Posted in October 2016

Keeping Pets Safe During Fireworks

Posted 26 Oct 2016

 Unexpected whizz bangs and sudden flashes of light – there’s no wonder our furry friends feel so scared throughout the fireworks season. But with a little bit of time and preparation, you’ll be pleased to know that you can help your beloved companion feel safe and less fearful when fireworks are being let off near your home. You’ve reached the perfect place for advice on how to help keep you... Read more

Is Your Pet Living With Diabetes?

Posted 19 Oct 2016

November is nationally recognised as National Diabetes Month for us humans, but did you know that the same month is also Pet Diabetes Awareness Month? It’s a vital time to raise awareness of the increasing epidemic that affects our canine and feline family members. Pet diabetes is a serious life-threatening disease that is increasingly common in older cats and dogs, overweight pets, and cert... Read more

Reptile Awareness Day 2016

Posted 14 Oct 2016

Did you know that the first reptiles evolved 320 million years ago? Each year on the 21st October, people across the nation celebrate National Reptile Awareness Day – a day that was created not only for reptile lovers but also to promote education, conservation and appreciation for reptiles. It’s a day dedicated to learning about their natural habitats and the ecological threats that they fa... Read more

A Career as a Veterinary Nurse

Posted 07 Oct 2016

We admire veterinary nurses for their supportive and caring approach to animal welfare – they are highly valued members of the wider veterinary team. Veterinary nursing is a very rewarding job for dedicated, compassionate and committed individuals. Do you dream of a career as a veterinary nurse but have no idea where to begin? Our Medivet Training College could be the right place for you to... Read more

Canvey Island Save Cat from a Metal Pole

Posted 05 Oct 2016

***Warning: Graphic Images Below*** On Monday 26th September at 9am, the team at Medivet Canvey Island received a worried phone call from a member of the public, telling them that a cat had jumped a fence and was impaled on a metal pole. The deputy head nurse, Lisa, and junior nurse, Raeanne, immediately headed out to evaluate the scene and due to their quick thinking, they managed to bring... Read more