Rhino rehabilitation enclosure banner

Introducing the Medivet Rhino Rehabilitation Enclosure

As part of our commitment to saving the rhino, we have put your donations towards building the Medivet Rhino Rehabilitation Enclosure!

This enclosure provides a protected area for rhino who have been victims of poaching attacks. Here, our vets can safely provide treatment and care to help save these endangered animals. The enclosure also provides a safe haven for baby rhinos who have been orphaned due to their mothers dying from these horrendous poaching attacks.

Hope undergoing surgery at the Medivet Rhino Enclosure

The Medivet Rhino Rehabilitation Enclosure has already provided protection for the young white rhino and poaching survivor, Hope, who required multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face since suffering atrocious injuries in May 2015. Watch the video to find out more...

Noelle and Winston two orphaned baby rhino settle in at the Medivet Rhino Enclosure

Noelle arrived at the Medivet enclosure at the beginning of April 2016. She settled in well and grew to love her carers – especially team member Peta-Lynn who gives excellent chin rubs and belly scratches after feeding time, and not to forget Patrick the sheep who took a foster parent role until Noelle had a rhino companion!

Noelle was sadly joined by a male rhino calf called Winston in May after his mother was also poached nearby. Watch the video below to see their progress...