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VetCompass – The Results

Our partnership with VetCompass has enabled detailed research and investigations into a number of health issues.

One particular issue that most of us are aware of since the 2008 BBC airing of the Pedigree Dogs Exposed documentary was the suggestion that modern pedigree dogs suffer from major inherited health problems. As this can be a controversial topic, it needed to be better understood.  During his PhD (supported by the RSPCA), Dr Dan O’Neill from the RVC developed VetCompass to analyse veterinary clinical records. His aim was to create a kind of surveillance system to identify and report on common disorders affecting our dogs and cats. Although Dan's PhD study is now complete, it has paved the way for a diverse programme of several ongoing investigations that continue to improve animal welfare.

Medivet are proud to be amongst the original practices participating in VetCompass. We considered the published VetCompass papers to be so interesting that we wanted to make the results available to everyone who cares for animals as much as we do. Dan O’Neill agreed and together we have come up with a series of infographics that explain the results clearly and in a friendly format.

These are just the beginning. If you like them, check back regularly as we will be releasing more soon!

Click on the pictures to be taken to our infographics:                    



What are the most common health issues with dogs?how long do dogs live for?

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