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St Ives
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Services at Medivet St Ives

Nurse clinics

The nursing team here at Medivet St Ives are dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your pet. We currently offer free weight and dental checks, as well as flea and worming, geriatric and adolescent clinics. Feel free to call us to arrange an appointment for your beloved pet and our dedicated nurses will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

15 minute consultations

Our consultations are 50% longer than most vets in the UK to enable us to provide thorough physical examinations. Following our clinical findings, we will have a detailed discussion with you about the risks and benefits of different treatments available and devise a treatment plan for you and your pet to follow. We aim to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Puppy parties

Socialisation for your puppy is a great way for them to make friends and gain confidence. We hold puppy parties to help introduce your new family member to our clinic, as well as other puppies, in a happy and safe environment. Our parties are held over four weeks. Our nurses will show you how to introduce tooth brushing, discuss flea and worming treatment, as well as advise on neutering and insurance. This is a great way of helping both you and your pet get the most out of their time as a puppy!

Senior pet health

As your pet gets that little bit older, they need extra care to keep them as healthy as can be. That’s why we offer dogs and cats who are over 8 years old:

  • Free urine screening during their annual booster and health check
  • Reduced cost for routine blood tests

Facilities at Medivet St Ives


The majority of our surgery is carried out on site, including soft tissue & orthopaedics. We are able to refer procedures such as endoscopy, MRI and CT scans to one of our specialist centres. All surgery is backed up by post-operative nursing and treatment.


Radiography, or taking of x-ray images, is a method of imaging for making a diagnosis of a variety of conditions.
The most familiar use is the diagnosis of abnormalities of the bones such as fractures and arthritis in joints.


The use of ultrasound as a diagnostic imaging method is well established as a diagnostic tool. Ultrasound is very
useful in determining heart function and is also used to examine organs in the abdomen such as the liver and kidneys.