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Facilities at Medivet Wool

We have some amazing veterinary facilities at Medivet Wool, please have a read below to find out more.


We have dedicated cat and dog wards for our hospitalised patients, each equipped with the relevant equipment and pheromone diffusers, which help to reduce stress and create a more comfortable atmosphere for your pet.

Our dog ward is equipped with D.A.P. Diffusers, and has immediate access to the surrounding area of the clinic, allowing your pet a simple trip outdoors to relieve themselves without having to walk endless corridors beforehand. Additionally, there are also 2 large outdoor runs which are used primarily in the warmer summer weather, allowing patients more freedom to move around and relax in the sun!

Our Cat ward is equipped with Feliway Diffusers, and is a small, quiet area with spacious kennels, allowing cats to feel more relaxed and safe.


We have two dedicated operating theatres on-site for performing all major operations and procedures.

Our theatres are what is known as sterile environments, meaning they are kept as clean as possible. Anyone who enters them must be wearing scrubs and theatre clothing - No normal work or outdoor clothes are allowed - And any patients entering the theatre must be fully prepared for surgery in our preparation area beforehand.

The preparation area is where your pet is anaesthetised, and their fur clipped and skin cleaned ready for surgery. This allows us to maintain a high level of sterility within the theatre, greatly reducing the risk of infection to your pet, which is always a major concern during surgery.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner

We have a, fixed-installation Vet-MR scanner within the Surgery. This MRI Scanner is primarily used in the investigation of cranial and spinal problems, as well as tissue sinuses. We also can take referral cases from other practices wishing to use MRI scans to assist with diagnosing difficult cases

Digital Radiography

We have a digital x-ray system in place at the surgery. This allows us to take quick and easy images of your pet, at an overall cheaper cost than traditional x-ray systems, as there are no film or processing chemical costs involved - Just electricity! This makes the process much faster and safer, as it reduces both your pet's stress and the amount of time they have to spend under sedation or general anaesthetic.


We also have an ultrasound system in place at the Surgery for non-invasive diagnosis of soft-tissue problems, as well as heart and eye analysis. It is also used to scan pregnant pets to provide an estimate of far along they are, as well as the number of puppies or kittens you can expect.