Meet Our Mobile Team

Medivet have a team of mobile staff who deliver the highest standards of veterinary care backed up by a personal and caring attitude dedicated to providing service of the highest standard in a sympathetic, friendly and reassuring manner.

Mobile Veterinary Surgeons

Adriana Ranco - Mobile VetAdriana Rancano Boudon – Mobile Veterinary Surgeon  

I gained my MRVC at the Universidad Compluteneuse de Madrid, and also gained qualifications in pharmaceutical studies and small animal dermatology. Before joining Medivet, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and also completed an internship in North Carolina, USA. I also gained work experience in several London veterinary practices and completed several internships at the Madrid Zoo. I am particularly interested in dermatology and soft tissue surgery, and also enjoy meeting clients and patients. At home, I have a German Shepherd named Tobias. Outside of work, I love to read and cook. 

Sophie O'ConnorSophie O’Connor – Mobile Veterinary Surgeon 

In 2010, I graduated with a BSc from the University College Dublin, in Ireland and in 2015 graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the same university. Before joining Medivet, I travelled for a few months, visiting places like Turkey, Cuba, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and South Africa for the International Wildlife Symposium. I am particularly interested in wildlife veterinary cases and diagnostic imaging. At home, I have two Irish water spaniels named Bear and Amber. In my spare time, I enjoy Pilates and trying any new sporting activities. 

male silhouetteJarryd Hollis – Mobile Veterinary Surgeon 

I am a DVM and graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2014. Before joining Medivet, I worked in equine practices and am particularly interested in neurology and surgery. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, hiking, travelling and swimming. 

Dagmara WelnaDagmara Welna – Mobile Veterinary Surgeon

I graduated from the University Of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland in 2014. Before joining Medivet, I worked in a fairly large clinic in Rzeszow, Poland for two and a half years. My areas of interest lie within cardiology, echocardiography and dermatology. At home I have a gorgeous four year old dog called Tendo. In my spare time I love to read, cycle and play with Tendo.

Mobile Nurses

Alice WeaverAlice Weaver - Mobile Student Veterinary Nurse

I started working for Medivet in November 2013 and was thrilled to become a student in September 2015. I really enjoy being part of the Dalston area team and have learned so much since working at Medivet Dalston 24 hour centre. I have two cats at home, Stavros and Zsa Zsa, both of whom I rehomed from work, and give me plenty of practice handling unruly cats!

Isla RodriguesIsla Rodrigues – Mobile Patient Care Assistant

I obtained a BSc(Hons) in Zoology from the University of Bristol in 2002 and have been working in the charity sector for many years, most recently in donor relations for the Brooke Hospital for Animals, an overseas equine animal welfare charity. Before joining Medivet, I volunteered at a dog and cat shelter in Costa Rica, which focused on neutering, adoption and education. I love working with both cats and dogs, but also with their owners! At home I have a black and white tuxedo rescue cat called Luna. Outside of work I enjoy volunteering for Guide Dogs and travelling.

Andrew GianakakisAndrew Gianakakis – Mobile Patient Care Assistant

I obtained a 2:2 degree in Business Management at Anglia Ruskin University. Before joining Medivet, I worked in recruitment but decided that I wanted to change my career path. I am very interested in making pets and their owners’ lives more comfortable. At home I have a black Labrador called Theo! Outside of work I enjoy going to football matches, watching new series, and watching geographic documentaries. 

Gemma Cheah-DilemaGemma Cheah-Delima – Mobile Patient Care Assistant

I have a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management and studied at Hadlow College. I had volunteered in a farm for about 2 years before coming to Medivet. I am very interested in surgery and the medication side of this job. I have got a 1 year old dog which is a staff cross bull-mastiff and her name is Bella, I also have 2 cats which are 4 years old and their names are Jingy and Charlie and lastly i have a dutch rabbit which was a rescue and his name is dopey. I enjoy taking my dog for walks and socializing with my animals and i also enjoy reading and doing some sports.