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No Surcharge for Out-of-Hours Consultations 

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We understand that there may be a time when your pet requires emergency care. We want our out-of-hours service to be available to everyone, so we have done away with surcharge fees for out-of-hours consultations.

Out-of-hour consultations are available at our Medivet Southend 24 hour Hospital. Should your pet require emergency treatment, the out-of-hours consultation does not have a surcharge. We share a client database allowing us and our 24 hour Hospital access to your pet’s important medical records at all times.

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Please note that our normal consultation hours at Medivet Southend are Monday - Saturday from 9:00am-7:00pm. Any other time outside of our normal consultation hours is considered an out-of-hours consultation. Sundays at Medivet Southend are also out-of-hours. 

The following practices use Medivet Southend as their out-of-hours provider: