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Borehamwood's Excellence

As with other Medivet branches, Borehamwood is linked to all other Medivet branches via computerised ADSL connections, a technology allowing permanent high-speed links between all branches thereby allowing records to be accessed by other branches of Medivet at all times including times when Borehamwood is closed. Medivet is dedicated to making use of the latest and most modern computer hardware, software and communications in providing excellence in record-keeping and transfer of clinical information within the Group.

The branch also offers a range of Hills' Science Plan premium diets and a variety of pet products as well as advice on many issues such as pet insurance, pet nutrition, weight control, dental care, flea control and much more.

Services at Medivet Borehamwood

The practice is spacious and is equipped to deal with most case. In the event that we are unable to treat a case, specialised equipment and 24 hour care is available by transferring the patient to our Hendon branch. In this way Borehamwood is able to provide its patients with the full array of care provided by Medivet.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of services within our practice, including:

  • Consultations, hospitalisation and treatment
  • Isoflurane Anaesthesia
  • Full range of pet foods and other pet products
  • Referrals and second opinions
  • Free flea checks
  • Free urine checks for over 8s
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • X-rays
  • Weight clinics
  • Free puppy and kitten checks

Book your Appointment

Borehamwood operates an appointment system - please call (except for emergencies which are seen as a priority). As with all our branches, appointments are intended as a rough guide. In the interests of our patients, we may wish to give additional time to individual consultations. This may result in brief delays but all our clients will benefit from this by their pet receiving our fullest attention to their requirements.