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Manfield Cottage
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Facilities at Medivet Mansfield Cottage

Reception/ waiting area

Our waiting room and reception area is large and bright, offering lots of space for your pets. Our friendly reception staff will greet you as you enter, ensuring that straight away you feel comfortable and relaxed before your consultation.

In the waiting room we have weighing scales so you can weigh your dog. There are smaller weighing scales in each consulting room where you can safely weigh for cats and smaller pets.

We also offer puppy parties and a full range of nutritional pet food including Hill’s and Purina pet products with other pet accessories and treats for your pets.

Consulting rooms

We have three consultation rooms with seating so you can chat comfortably with the vet about your concerns. Like all of our practices, Wantage is linked to other Medivet branches via computerised ADSL connections, (new technology that allows high-speed links between all branches). Therefore all your records can be accessed at any Medivet branch you visit.


In the unlikely case that your pets are hospitalised we have separate dog and cat wards ensuring our nurses are able to give the best possible care while your pets are with us.

Prep Room

We have a designated prep room which is where your pets will be properly examined prior to their anaesthetic. We might also take a blood sample so we can have as much information as we can before operating.

The prep room is also where we prepare the surgical site for operation by clipping the hair around the site and decontaminating using a dilute soap solution. When we are satisfied the area is clean, we spray the skin with surgical spirit.

Operating Theatre

Our operating theatre is sterile and fully equipped to ensue that your pet receives the best care during all surgical procedures. We also carry out orthopaedic operations, wound repair and other surgical soft tissue procedures. At all times trained staff are monitoring your pet’s heart rate, breathing rate, levels of oxygen and core body temperature.

Dental/ Dirty Ops

Only ‘dirty’ operations such as dental procedures are performed in this room in order to keep our operating theatre as sterile as possible.


We have an on-site X-ray suite ensuring we can take radiographs of all your pets, from the largest dog to the smallest mouse.


The laboratory allows us to analyse blood samples on-site, reducing the time you have to wait for the results and the diagnosis of your pet’s condition.