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Veterinary Facilities and Services at Medivet Hendon

Our number one priority is to ensure that your pet receives the highest standard of veterinary care, which is why we are proud to offer you a full range of advanced and specialist services within our bright, modern and purpose-built practice.

We are a 24-hour hospital, so whether your pet needs treatment late at night or in the early hours of the morning, there will always be a vet and nurse on-site to provide continuous care for your pet.

In addition to our fantastic veterinary facilities, we are also offering free kitten and puppy vaccinations when you sign up to our Medivet Healthcare Plan. Find out more about how you can get free puppy or kitten vaccinations here


Our MRI scanner is primarily used in the investigation of cranial and spinal problems, as well as tissue sinuses. We can also take referral cases from other practices wishing to use MRI scans to assist with diagnosing difficult cases.

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CT imaging 

Our newly installed CT (computed tomography) scanner provides us with excellent 3D images which enable us to gain additional information for a clearer diagnosis and treatment plan. The images are taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional images, allowing us to see inside an animal without making a single incision.


We prefer to use a non-invasive method as part of our diagnosis, and ultrasound requires no anaesthetic or sedation (unless the patient is being uncooperative!). Pets can usually eat beforehand which eases stress for both them and their owner. Ultrasound is pain-free and helps us identify problems that may not always be detected through an X-ray.


X-rays are a vital diagnostic tool that we use to investigate diseases and assess the general health and wellbeing of an animal. We often use X-rays in the diagnosis of abnormalities of the bones and joints, such as fractures and arthritis.


The regular use of endoscopy enables us to make a more accurate diagnosis with little or no surgical intervention. We feel this is very beneficial to our patients because it reduces discomfort. It also minimises the risk of complications arising which can happen with more invasive techniques.


We have a dedicated team of vets who are trained to use acupuncture as a healing technique for animals that are suffering from functional problems such as paralysis, inflammation or pain.

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We want your pets to feel at ease when they visit us, so we provide separate cat and dog wards so that their experience is as stress-free as possible.

Key-hole surgery

Key-hole surgery offers state-of-the-art surgery with the added benefit of smaller incision wounds, faster recovery, less pain and less time under anaesthetic.

Operating theatres

We have two state-of-the-art operating theatres on-site where we perform all major operations and procedures. They contain advanced equipment, allowing us to offer the best treatment to your pet.


Neutering is a very straightforward veterinary procedure. Our nurses will give you a thorough behind-the-scenes explanation of what the operation will entail and will readily answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have. Find out about the benefits of neutering your pet.


Pets, like people, are susceptible to having plaque and tartar form on their teeth. Our experienced nurses will be only too pleased to discuss dental care with you and give demonstrations of how to best care for your pet’s teeth. Find out more about pet dental care.

Intensive care facilities

Medivet Hendon has state-of-the-art monitoring equipment for intensive care patients. Plus, a vet and nurse will always be in attendance, so you know your pet will get the care they need in an emergency.

Our garden

Garden -image

We have a spacious garden where we are able to walk the dogs every two hours – perfect for a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air!

Blood and plasma transfusions

Our Hendon veterinary practice is equipped with the specialist facilities needed for blood and plasma transfusions should your pet require them.

In-house laboratory

We have a fully equipped and extensive in-house laboratory that enables us to run a wide range of blood (and other) tests. This means we can produce results in a very short space of time, resulting in rapid diagnosis and the possibility of early treatment for your pet.

Free pet services at Medivet Hendon

We also offer our clients a range of complimentary services. These include:

  • Free weight clinics and body condition scoring
  • Free urine tests for pets over 8 years old
  • Free nurse consultations
  • Free puppy socialisation and training classes
  • Free nutrition advice

Visiting is always welcomed here. We like to show off our facilities, so please feel free to ask us for a tour!