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Pet Passports

Pet Passports 

If you wish to take your pet abroad with and plan to return to the UK, then you must adhere strictly to DEFRA guidelines. Your vet should be able to help you with the whole process.

To travel abroad and return to the UK, your pet must:

  • Be microchipped
  • Be vaccinated against rabies. Previously, pets were required to have a blood test too but the regulations regarding this were changed in January 2012.
  • Have a pet passport (given by an LVI accredited vet)
  • Be treated against tapeworms
  • Enter and leave the country through an approved carrier service and on an approved route

These requirements apply to EU countries and other listed countries. Please check the DEFRA website to make sure that your destination is a listed country, as unlisted countries may have different requirements. This includes a blood test for rabies which will affect the length of the process.

Pets that do not meet the requirements – particularly regarding the rabies vaccination – may be required to enter quarantine upon their return to the UK. Early release from quarantine could be possible if you are able to prove that your pet now meets the requirements.

Travel can be stressful for pets as they thrive on routine and having their own territory. If you do take them on holiday with you – even if it’s somewhere still in the UK – please try and make sure that their normal daily routine is adhered to as much as possible and that they have familiar things like their bed and toys around them.

Please visit the DEFRA website for up to date advice on the pet travel regulations.