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Preventative Healthcare

Why are we so passionate about the importance of preventative healthcare?

Simply put, it helps to prevent suffering in your pets. For us welfare comes first. Preventative healthcare is instrumental in making sure that your pets spend more of their time happy and healthy at home with you than spending time with us!

Vaccinating your pet prevents the possibility of them contracting a deadly, possibly incurable disease. Neutering can help to prevent the likelihood of them suffering from various forms of cancer. Regular worming can prevent the spread of things like Lungworm.

You’ll also find that preventative healthcare is far more affordable than the treatment that might be necessary if your pet contracts a condition.  

Find out more about the different elements of preventative healthcare using the icons below.

We aim to make preventative healthcare affordable for you and have taken the step of introducing our new Medivet Healthcare Plan. This covers everything your pet might need and is paid for via a monthly direct debit. You can find out more here.