Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are essential for protecting our pets from a variety of serious (and sometimes) fatal illnesses. Whether you have a cat, dog or rabbit, it is important to vaccinate all pets against these illnesses and to maintain their immunity by giving booster vaccinations.

Most vets still recommend an annual booster. This is because we cannot be certain that your pet has been exposed to natural infection. A booster vaccination is a way of ensuring that this exposure does occur. Our pets get to meet far fewer other pets and they may not become naturally exposed in the same way. If this goes on for a few years, their immunity to these diseases can drop off and eventually they can become susceptible again.

Our pets age faster than we do so a lot can change for them over the course of a year; especially as your pet(s) reach their senior years. A booster vaccination also gives us an opportunity to give your pet a full health examination to try and detect these changes at an early stage. In this way, we hope to maintain your pet’s health by preventing illness.

For all these reasons, Medivet currently recommends an initial starter vaccination course in young animals; this normally involves a course of two or three vaccinations, followed by an annual booster vaccination and health check every year thereafter. There is also a vaccination available that protects your dog against kennel cough. Whilst not part of the main booster vaccination, this is highly recommended.

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